Reviews – Unbroken Promises

God’s Answers for the Broken Soul


This text is an honest, open sharing of a spiritually-gifted woman’s life, as she learned HOW to gain personal freedom from her past including generational issues, while leading many others to FREEDOM in Christ and into a maturing life of devotion and service in the Kingdom of God. This book is a training manual that is written like a novel; it is an excellent resource for any people in need of guidance from Scripture in how to GAIN FREEDOM in GRACE and GROW UP spiritually as Christians. Especially helpful are included prayers, especially the prayers for freedom from generational curses and soul ties. A MUST-READ to gain FREEDOM in Christ as led by the Spirit of God. This text is a tribute to the author’s mother, who has already gone on before her, and includes beautiful poetry written by both the author and her mother.

-Christine Deel


Anyone who has ever met Cheryl Weaver is keenly aware of her love for the Lord. Cheryl’s passion is contagious. She inspires all who know her to rise to new heights of worship and dedication. The authentic life she lives is now communicated in her new book, “Unbroken Promises.” In every chapter of this inspirational guide to a victorious life, Cheryl ties together her real-life story with life-giving principles from the Word of God.

– Dr. Patti Amsden
Founder of Patti Amsden Ministries and East Gate Reformation Training Institute