Black Friday Special!

Do you know someone who needs spiritual breakthroughs, healing, and/or deliverance?  Do you have struggling family members who haven’t invited Jesus into their hearts yet?   Who needs another sweater? Give them something this year that will produce everlasting fruit, bring healing to their hearts, and change future generations!

Unbroken Promises reveals Promises that God can heal anything, no matter how hard, how deep, how bad, how painful, or how old! There are no limitations with Him.

The Promise of Peace, the Promise of Life, and the Promise of Overcoming are only a few chapters sharing the “How to” of moving closer to freedom.

Right now, I am offering a special bonus gift for your Christmas shopping a free canvas faux leather tote with every purchase when you pay for separate shipping and handling.

Unbroken Promises for this Holiday Season  $15.99 plus your free Tote

Book shipping $6.00

Tote Shipping $6.00

Total Shipping for both items only $12.00

Tax $1.51

Total  Only $29.50 for a life-changing experience and a free tote! You can only get this special offer through my personal website

For orders of five or more to same address get a sixth tote as a bonus!